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Mosaic Art Classes Online

Teaching Beginner Mosaic Workshops

This course is a comprehensive learning experience that’s designed for art educators and instructors who are interested in incorporating mosaics into their curriculum. It’s also for those who want to teach mosaics as a business to offset the cost of their personal mosaic artworks.

What is in Course 1

I introduce 3 unique projects for beginners. Create a small mosaic in just 3-hours or well-designed larger works over a nine 9 hour period.

Learn about the many mosaic materials available, tools needed and adhesive options.

24 individual image-rich video modules loaded with demonstrations, instruction and guidance.

45 downloadable pdfs, including student handouts and a worldwide recommended vendor list.

How to set up your classroom, instructor timelines, and dealing with challenging students are important considerations and my 20+ years of experience provides countless insights. I know what works and what doesn’t!

Special Module dedicated to art educators: integrating mosaic into school classrooms.

Calculating project materials needs can be daunting. I take the mystery out of it with purchasing guides and proven formulas.

Designs and pattern templates are provided. I share transfer techniques and show you how to enlarge your cartoons.

Grown-up stuff! Insurance, liability, permissions, releases and copyright. It’s all here.

Can you make money teaching mosaics? Let’s figure this out together. I share marketing tips and formulas to arrive at a fair price structure for your students and you!

Grouting, sealants, hanging and framing. Learn to finish projects with technical proficiency and professional polish.

Links to 40 supplemental videos, 6 hours of viewing time.

Overall, this is amazing content! It’s obvious you have spent hours creating it and your knowledge is clearly confident and credible. I’ve got my first class booked! Thanks for giving me the confidence to make this happen!!


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Course price?

$425, and includes all downloadable handouts and lifetime access.

Is there a list of all the content modules?

1. Introduction

2. Mosaic Express, 3-hour Class

3. Beginner Projects, 9-hour Format

4. Preparing the Classroom or Workspace

5. Health and Safety

6. Overview: Materials and Tools

7. Getting Started

8. Andamento

9. Stained Glass

10. Glass Tiles

11. Unglazed Porcelain

12. Ceramic Tiles

13. Dishes and Crockery

14. Substrates and Backerboards

15. Patterns, Designs, Transfer Techniques

16. Adhesives Overview

17. Grout and Sealants

18. Hanging and Display Options

19. Calculating Material and Tool Needs

20. Classroom Management, Timelines, Challenging Students

21. Pricing and Marketing

22. Insurance, Liability, Permissions, and Copyright

23. School Curriculum

24. Conclusion and Resources

How long will it take me to complete the course?

That is completely in your control. The course structure is such that you can take as much time as you need with any module, repeat and replay as much as you wish and skip ahead to topics that especially interest you.

I have no mosaic experience, but this intrigues me! Can I learn mosaics well enough to lead my friends through a project?

Yes! This course unpacks mosaic making for beginners from start to finish.

What is your return policy?

If for any reason you decide the Course isn’t right for you we offer a 14 day, no-risk money-back guarantee. Please contact us and tell us why you are requesting a refund. Requests must be within 14 days of your first viewing. We want to learn from you, tell us why are you not satisfied with the course. After 14 days no refunds will be available.

Upon receiving refund request, your access to viewing the course will be immediately terminated.

As an un-enrolled student, we will operate in good faith that you will not copy, publish or share any of the downloadable pdfs offered as a part of the Course; they are all subject to copyright and are for use by enrolled students only.

Gift certificates are not refundable.

I am not very tech savvy; what if I have a technical snafu?

No worries, Module 1 demonstrates navigation around the sight, it is very simple. And you can always reach out to us with specific questions.

How long do I have access to the course?

The course is available for you to view forever.

Is it possible to receive Continuing Education Units for this course?

We are working on our CEU certification. Contact us for an update.

Do you offer scholarships or teacher discounts?

We offer favorable pricing to teachers working in certified teaching entities (public and private schools), and your students must be under age of 18. Contact us for details at

This investment of your time and treasure is a big decision, and I appreciate your consideration. You will look back on the course to find it was time well spent. I absolutely believe if the art form is to grow and sustain, the collective “WE” need to make mosaics accessible to everyone, to actively recruit artists and crafters from other fields and all ages. 

Student Reviews

About Bonnie

As an art educator with nearly two decades of experience, I’ve been privileged to mentor individuals of all ages in exploring and cultivating their unique artistic expression. Most of these teachings have been through the mediums of mosaics and sculpture.

As the founder and owner of Maverick Mosaics, LLC, I take pride in crafting distinctive learning opportunities. Since 1998, alongside my continuous teaching commitments, I’ve crafted numerous unique artworks for both private and public spaces while maintaining my own studio practice.

Dedicated to broadening the reach of mosaic education, I authored two best-selling books. In both, I share my design and fabrication experience, technical expertise, and collaborations with other artists. Since 2014 I have been the exclusive instructor of Contemporary Mosaics for the Smithsonian Institution’s Studio Arts Program in Washington, DC.

I’ve long been passionate about instilling an appreciation for community and public art in the upcoming generation. I developed the Maverick Legacy program, working with public school art teachers and, over a 10 year period, spearheaded a variety of clay and mosaic large-scale “legacy” works in several regional schools.

With Make it Mosaic Online, my aim is to ensure the sustainability of this art form by engaging and mentoring younger artists. Additionally, I strive to assist fellow art educators in seamlessly integrating mosaics into their curriculum.

This inaugural course builds on the success of the Make it Mosaics YouTube Channel developed in collaboration with my colleague Kim Wozniak. Our information-packed channel has garnered over 2 million views across 75+ videos.

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